Wendy McGarthland

Wendy mcgarthlandEncouraged by my sister, I decided to rekindle my love of painting 4 or 5 years ago. I had changed my career and found I could finally have time for a hobby.

I have always been interested in all forms of art and craft, and as the family were growing up, more practical activities, like knitting, sewing and cooking took over. With an empty nest it seemed the right moment for some ‘me time’.

I started attending watercolour classes and was mainly taught and supported by Frances Shearing, a local accomplished artist. Although I have tried other mediums, I still prefer watercolour and find watching the paint move through the water quite unpredictable and therefore very exciting. Sometimes it does seem to have a mind of its own so when it does behave itself the moment is even more special!

I currently paint with the Bournemouth Bay Art Group and with them I have exhibited in the Peacock Gallery and the Suncliff Hotel.

I enjoy painting cards by hand for exhibitions and although it is not always practical to frame all of my paintings. I do make good use of them by reproducing them and using them as greetings cards.

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