Neil Luckett

I was born and educated in Coventry and worked and married in the city until moving to the south in 1988 with my wife’s family, at the age of 25.

Since then I’ve lived in Bournemouth, Salisbury and Southampton, returning to Bournemouth in 2015.  During this time I’ve owned and managed several hospitality-based businesses in partnership with my wife, concluding my professional life with a period in public services working for an independent living charity, a local authority and finally the NHS in Hampshire for 12 years.  I graduated with a Masters Degree (MA in Social Policy) with the Open University in 2006.

Over the years photography, graphic design and art have been a sustained interest for me through licentiate membership of the Royal Photographic Society, and both Bournemouth and Southampton camera clubs.  During this period I have witnessed and enjoyed the major evolution of photography from its wet silver halide ‘latent image’ process of the nineteenth century, to today’s familiar instant digital image.

Until 2015 I had never conceived the notion of being a painter or artist and that capturing the world and the human condition on film or as a digital image would be extent of my creativity.  However, retirement is slowly proving otherwise; firstly through art classes with Bournemouth U3A and more recently from inspiration from Frances Shearing and workshops with other local artists.  These opportunities have opened up a new world of creative possibilities and enjoyment, and which to a large extent are being influenced by the Dorset countryside and the community of artists who reside locally.